The CRCT is APPROACHING!! How do you plan to make sure you are PREPARED to pass the test??

Published March 11, 2012 by cheffenscharmz

The CRCT is fastly approaching.  What are YOU prepared to do as a STUDENT to make sure you PASS the test and NOT have to attend SUMMER SCHOOL????  There are exactly 20 more ACADEMIC days before the testing period begins..YOU cannot just TALK about it, YOU have to BE about it!!!!!  We want you ALL to not only PASS, but EXCEED!!!!!  So, search your hearts and minds to discuss in one COMPLETE paragraph, how you plan to exceed, what areas do you know you need help in (subjects), and when you pass the CRCT–what are your plans for the summer????  Make sure you answer ALL QUESTIONS.  Please check your spelling and re-read your comment BEFORE you submit it!!  Don’t forget to comment on someone else’s posting when you’re done!!  



61 comments on “The CRCT is APPROACHING!! How do you plan to make sure you are PREPARED to pass the test??

  • Well since we are almost most done with school and about to be in testing mode, I am going to kick it up two notches. I plan to study harder and maybe even stay after school to make sure im up to speed and not forgetting anything crucial. The subject i am most worried about is math. Im in the accelerated class so we haven’t really study eighth grade math, so i have to go over all the eighth grader stuff myself. Over the summer i plan to play baseball with my travel team and chill on a cruise. I cant believe its almost over!!!!

    • I also have to be careful to not get lazy because of course that’s usually what happens at the end of the school year to most of us. I overall think i will be fine for the CRCT and pass with flying colors. Tanks to my awesome teachers on team eight-three

  • CONGRATULATIONS Quindarius for being the FIRST to post to our Class Blog this week! I think you are on the right track so far because as long as you know that you have difficulty in an area, then you can take the time and effort to making some changes–for the better! Good luck to you in Math, and I truly hope you plan on having an AMAZING summer!

    Mrs. Cheffen~

  • Since I know that I’m not going to be in the eighth grade again I plan on making that real! It’s time for me to break out the flashlight and find little snacks because i’m going to be studying ends on night up to that CRCT week! There’s no time left to slack off!

  • Oh and I know I’m going to ace ELA and for the first time in my little life I think I’m going to do well on science……but Social Studies is going to be a true thinker test overall for math if I can stay calm and think I can ace that too….i hope…..

    • Destini you can ace anything if you think you can. I believe you’ll ace it all if you put the right time and effort into it

  • Right now I am working on doing better on my tests, and not having the aniexity and second thoughts on a simple test questions. During the CRCT I am planning on keeping good testing habits in mind, but to also remember the content that I know, and not to feel as though small tricky questions is going to get in the way of my knowledge. We all know the information given, it is just how we apply that information to show what we know, and I plan on doing that on my upcoming tests. No matter how BIG or SMALL the test is I am going to do my best gaurunteed, and not slack off becuase I think I know everything. The CRCT is a time for all of us to shine, and for you to be true to yourself and not take it for granted. This is what I want to keep in mind while doing the test, and I hope you do too!! Also, I am going to say a prayer before my test for the strength God has given me.

  • At this moment , I’m just trying to wrap everything together by studying and improving my test taking skills. I think that I will do pretty well on the CRCT. To be honest, all I’m wanting to do is pass but it would be a blessing if I could exceed as many subjects as possible on the test. If I could improve in any subject, it would have to be math. I understand that we’re at the borderline now where it’s like okay show what you know. It’s never too late to ask questions until you’re in the testing mode. I hope I do well and I hope I’m able to go on to the 9th grade.

    • Leah I know your going to do well on everything. I also know passing is not going to be a problem for you. I wish you the best of luck. 🙂

    • I was looking for a site to help me prepare myself for the crct and this site popped up. I totally low your strategies and I believe I will do the same. Ela, reading and science are all super easy. In socials studies I really need to improve on my governments about Latin a, Europe, Canada, and Australia. Math, well that’s a whole other story. Thanks for the tips oh and you must be awesome cause your name is Leah too!!!:)

  • I just plan to study and do some extra work. I want to stay focused and not worry about anything. I also want to improve my test taking skills. Some things I need to improve is double guessing myself. I always mark something and then erase it and choose another answer. THen the first answer turns out to be right. I want to really pass math and science cause that is what I need to go to go to Magnet High School. I really don’t want to go to summer school. If I went to summer school then my parents would kill me.

  • I’m going to study through all of my interactive notebooks,look over work, and go on study island. I am going to do whatever it takes to pass the CRCT with exceeding or better.

    • Im trying to keep studying and learning as much as I can.. Because if I dont reinforce my knowledge and have a little refresher than I will not remember; Therefore I must study regularly and have good study habits to fluently remember my knowledge.

  • The first thing that i will do is to make sure i get a good nights rest. I will also eat a good breakfast every morning. Then i will study the subject that the test is on. Hopefully if i apply all these things then i will exceed every subject

  • I plan to study everyday, and take as much notes as possible. I plan to ask questions on gray areas in all subjects. Staying on top of all my homework and classwork assignments is not a question. This summer I am probably going out of town on a vacation. I also plan to see family and friends alot. I really think this summer is going to be a memory to remember.

  • I am pumped. I know I can pass the CRCT its time to kick it up 3000 fold . To pull this off I gotta study I plan to everyday

  • My plan to exceed the CRCT is to study day and night. From now on I am going to get my A game on and pass the CRCT. The most important thing I have to study is science, because I am not that good at it. In order to do that I will study as hard as possible. Not that heard that I could forget everything. The point is that I am ready and I will study for this. I can’t wait, so pumped about it. The teachers are trying hard to make us exceed and they have mastered it.

    • There are many things that I can do to prepare myself for the CRCT. But, one thing that I honestly know I can do is reflect back on the Benchmarks that I will take and have taken, and the things that I know I didn’t know, I can ask my teachers about. Therefore, when the CRCT is here and they ask questions about that one thing I didn’t know I will be prepared. Another thing I can do is STUDY, STUDY, STUDY! I have okay study skills, but I know for a fact that they can be 100% better.There are so many things that I can do to prepare myself for the CRCT! And, there are so many things that I can change to exceed when the CRCT comes up. The subjects that I know I am not good at is Science and Social Studies.! Those are the two subjects that I know are going to KILL me when it comes to the CRCT.!

      • Keep working on those subjects and studying their information and it will come to you in know time, but let it come to you do not put up mental blocks just becuase you feel you might not understand it…just a little advice. Also, studying skills IS essential and it is always good to work on them!!! Great Blog and Do Your Best!!

      • We all have those one or two subjects that make us feel dumb, but if you just keep working at it will get easier and easier. Also, you could stay after school so you can cram a little more knowledge in your head. But i know your’re REALLY smart, so your’re going to exceed EVERYTHING! 🙂

  • To prepare myself for these tests coming up , i plan to just improve my testing skills . I plan to also get a great night’s sleep and breakfast . But the main thing i have to do , is to just be determined and believe in myself . Im sure if we all believe , we will achieve . : )

    • I like your strategies for preparing for the CRCT. When you are taking standardized test like that, it is very important that you believe in yourself.

  • I have been studying on where my weaknesses in all my subjects are. I really think the CRCT is going to be really easy. I feel prepared already.

    • I heard that we aren’t having Summer School, but I really don’t need to worry about that because I am going to pass and go to high school. I think that I am ready and will exceed the test. ლ(ಠ_ಠლ) Bring it on!

  • Yes, but it’s also good to study before the test. I might need to study in math since it’s my weakest subject this year, last year I did good in math, in class and CRCT. I think the language benchmark was easy, and the math benchmark. Except for some problems we didn’t do In Mrs. Anthony’s class. Math is obviously the most difficult subject this year for the CRCT in my case.

  • Well there are many things we can do to pass the CRCT. The ideal is to study but there is more to it. I plan on enhancing me test-taking skills by taking the benchmarks. All subjects I have to worry about, not saying I don’t know anything it’s just that NO one is perfect in one class. I don’t want to be over confident to the point were I just think I know everything. So by making sure I review/ study all subjects I can do very well in ALL subjects.

  • I will study a little bit before the CRCT. I will try to learn as much as I can. I will focus more in class. I could pay closer attention to the material on the board. I will try my best to learn the material I need. Another thing I will do is to do good on the benchmark.

  • This is a huge test for me and everyone. This basically tells me what clases I will be placed in for magnet High School. In order to be placed in the best classes I will need to study even more every night and make sure I ask my teachers questions on things that I am confused about. i really wabt to prepare even harder for science and math because I will need it for magnet. I was planing to visit relatives and read at least four long chapter books to inprove my reading skills. I also, was planing to go out of town for my birthday. So, in order to do this i would have to make sure i am greatly prepared for this test. My parents and I will make sure of it.

  • This year I plan to not only study for my test through my notes but also try to work with peers and help me with the subjects I’m not completely comprehending such as identifying compound, compound-complex, complex and simple sentences. During the summer my father plans for me to spend most of it in Hope, Arkansas with my family. I don’t have many other plans this summer except to enjoy my family.

    • Edric, all things are possible with God. Just believe in him as well as yourself. I hope that you enjoy your family this summer. ( :

  • I already know that I am going to exceed all subjects of the CRCT. This semester, I have noticed a big change in how much i am learning, and how my study skills have changed. Im doing alot better than last semester and have alot of confidence in my self for this test. There are still a few subjects that might hurt me like in ELA sentence structure(simple,compound,complex,compound-complex), and in Science its magnetism. I understand everything in math, and in social studies i just need to remember all the stuff we were taught in the beginning of the school year. After i exceed and get out of middle school, im just going to chill. We will most likely travel over the summer, but Im not exactly sure. I’ll just be glad that Im out of school.

  • I don’t know what I could do more of. At the beginning of the school year I made a list of goals for myself, the CRCT Test was included. It was a list to help me stay focus and have a success year. All year long I have been checking off of it. This year is almost over and so is my list. I will continue strong giving my all. My weekness was and still is reading and writing. It may be my speed bump but it won’t stop me! I will work through it! With my hard work, support system, and God on my side, I will pass the test. This summer I will relax a bit, have cookout with family and friends, as one of my goals is to work on me and read every day. My mother and myself always take a field trip to The School Box Store. That is where I then get something to work on durning the summer to help my with the up coming school year. As a family, we always get away at least once. ( : And always make it a safe summer!

  • There has always been a certain way that I have studied for the CRCT. First I push my brain to the maximum the week before. Then on the weekend, I study what I’ve learned. By the time I’m done my head is pounding excessively. On Sunday I don’t even go near my books, I just relax, but the information is still there. Then I go to bed an hour early. I will always have gum when taking the test because it always helps me focus. Ever since I’ve done this, I have either met or exceeded the standards.

    Alexis has a good demeanor and she should keep it up.

  • First thing I will do with my mom I will pray and I ask God to give me the wisdom and understanding while I study. I willl seek help from my mom and teachers to give me some support.. My mother will hire someone to tutor me. Because of my tutor schedule through out the week, I will start studying this weekend. What ever my tutor work with me on; I will continue to study through out the week. If I pass the CRCT test my family and I are planning on taking a 2 weeks vacation and when we return I am going to participate in the 4-H summer camp which I love doing every summer. Once the summer camp is over. My family and I will go on another short vacation for a week. When we return I plan to enjoy my swimming pool and ride my dirt bike.

    • I hope you do your best on the crct to go on a vacation. Dont let these stress you out but all you have to do is study your but off. Also dont let things distract you while you are taking the test

  • Well to get ready i will STUDY STUDY STUDY. My mom always told me to think possitve so i will. Im going to keep telling my self i will pass, and i know i am. The thing i need help with is social studies. i feel that this will be my biggest challange, but i will make it through! WHEN i pass the the test i will enjoy my summer with my friend and family. I will take a dip in the pool, and may even go on vacation.

  • First to for me i will pack my head with thousands of information on all the subject. I willl pray to god that he will give me the chance to past. I know some of my grades are low in some classes but im trying to pull them up. But back to what i was talking about like for all my class i study more on standards that i have trouble with. But other than that i will keep an positive attitude.

  • This year I plan on preparing for the CRCT differently. I plan on studying my notebooks, studying with friends, going on study island, and so much more. I pretty much feel comfortable in all of my subject areas, but the one thing that I’m going to have to focus on is electromagnetism in science. That’s the one area that I don’t feel confident in, but other than that, I am all good. After the school year is over, I am going to Virginia for a week. Then, I am trying to go to my aunt’s house for at least two weeks. Then I am suppose to be going to Florida in July. While I;m home, I am just going to hang with my friends and family.

  • What I plan on doing for the crct is studying every day on each subject to refresh my memory. It is very hard to rember every thing you learned. Thats why you have to refresh your memory to make sure I rember

    • The CRCT is no easy task,its gonna take a lot of studying and determination to exceed. Studying hard is always one of the best solutions to help you prepare for the big tests that’s coming up in April.

  • I am so existed the crct is coming up but I’m scared because I dont know how I’m going to perform. I guess that’s the beauty of it just to study and do your best. Right know that’s going to be hard because I’m not passing one of my classes which is L.A. So I just need to buckle done and do my work to the best of my ability so I won’t have anything to worry about.

  • I plan to do extra work and stay after school and study more. Then most of i am going to listen to all my teachers request. Now this summer i plan to go to disney world. then go to n.carolina. Then my mom goin make me do some 9th grade practice problems .
    Next i’m going to just enjoy the rest of the way.

  • I plan to do extra work and stay after school and study more. Then most of i am going to listen to all my teachers request. . Then i’m goin make me do some 9th grade practice problems .
    Next i’m going to just enjoy the rest of the way.

  • I know I can exceed every single part of the CRCT but its gonna take lots of hard work.I’ll have to study hard and exercise my standards that i already know and need to know.I have to really get all the key concepts on my mind so i am ready to take the test and ace it.CRCT is a really big test that i must take seriously, this test depends if i go to high school or not.If i am ready for the bigger leagues,which is gonna be much harder.I must maintain good habits to receive a perfect score on the CRCT.My future depends on my mindset and how i prepare for it.I wish everyone the best of luck and to look forward seeing you next year.

  • For now i want to get back on track with my school work. I was lagging behind for a while but now I’m ready to change that. I need to concentrate more and not let ignorance get to me. I know I have it in me to exceed on the CRCT, but the question is can I make it happen. My answer is 100 percent yes. I have great confidence that i would pass with flying colors.

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